ST-95 Releases SS22 at Yards Store

ST95’s latest SS22 lands with select retailers the world over. 

ST95 was created by Massimo Osti in 1995 and worked as a highly creative and technical sideproject away from the mainlines of Stone Island and C.P. Company. Eventually, the brand was handed to Massimo’s son, Lorenzo, who safeguarded it as Brand manager. 

In the early 90’s, Massimo Osti Production launched both ST95 and Left Hand, both dictated by separate consumer markets. Left Hand’s goal was a very discerning customer; ST95’s audience was younger. 

ST95 was a collection in a limited amount of colours and fabrics. The line ceased in 1999 and was Massimo Osti’s most commercially successful line at the time, and adopted the tag line: 


We’ve reflected vidily on what the future could hold for ST95, but for now it’s worth knowing that the brand has Christopher Ræburn at the helm, and has been regenerated with a responsible design process at its core. 

The future of ST95’s output will be defined by technical sportswear and all about fabrics, colours, and fits, sold to a limited retail network in limited numbers. 

ST95’s latest SS22 and Pre-SS22 is now out at Yards Store. 

ST95 at Yards Store.

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