ST95 Leans Into a Legacy

Founded by Massimo Osti after his departure from Stone Island and C.P. Company, ST95 was initially a short-lived project.

Alongside other labours of love such as Left Hand and Massimo Osti Productions, ST95 enjoyed esoteric status for a couple of decades before being revived a couple of years ago.

Now established with elements of the original Osti DNA combined with a contemporary aesthetic, ST95 continues to attract furtive glances from those appreciative of gear that combines military influences with an Italian approach to clothing design.

Autumn has always been the time for brands such as this to shine, and ST95 doesn’t disappoint. A range of serious outerwear built sustainably using carefully considered materials comes to the fore at a time when other brands of a similar nature enjoy success.

See more at Terraces, anyway.

Mark Smith

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