Stance joins with Ewen Spencer to celebrate the humble white sock

The phrase ‘wardrobe staple’ could have been invented for the white sports sock. As one of the world’s leading hosiery authorities, Stance are well placed to plant their own flag in the ground regarding this ubiquitous accessory. Joining forces with iconic British photographer, Ewen Spencer they’ve decided to celebrate self-expression and the ultimate subculture constant, an ICON, the humble white sock!

Whether worn as part of a subcultural uniform or just appreciated for its clean aesthetic, the white sock has been on hand (or rather foot) to supply a constant for generations.

The Stance ICON campaign celebrates a variety of subcultures and styles that are synonymous with the white ICON sock, from skate, punk to football. Shot and directed by legendary British photographer, Ewen Spencer, who’s seminal portfolio has seen him previously work with icons such as The Streets, Massive Attack and Slowthai.

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