Still Good AW12

And now for something a little different. Taking a break from just telling you about things we want for Christmas, here’s a brand which might just float your boat, light your candle and generally make you go “Ooh, that’s nice”.

Still Good is the creation of a guy called Clement Taverniti. Using experience gained working for the likes of Kitsune and Dries Van Noten, he’s come up with how own stuff, entitled Still Good. Nice name eh?

Collaborations with people like Spring Court show how this brand is held in high esteem and there are one or two bits in their FW12 (yeah, yeah, we know Autumn/Winter) lookbook that I’d like to see in the flesh, so to speak.

To do that I could head to one of their many prestigious stockists, which can be found here-


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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