Stone Island Gore-Tex Down Jacket

You know when you’re at the pub and you introduce two of your closest friends to one another – knowing full well that they’ll get along – but you don’t know for certain, until it’s happened? And then you sit back and watch and the house is on fire. It’s a very satisfying feeling, like you’re the cupid of friendships, or a great curator of people. 

This is what it’s like when Stone Island works with Gore-Tex. 

It’s one of those things. It just feels right. I could wax lyrical about all the technical details on this jacket: the 50 micro denier yarns, the anti-drop technology, the virtues of a Gore-Tex membrane. But I don’t need to. You just need to see it, like with your mates at the pub. This is the sort of thing you know is good on intuition. 

Read all about it at Pockets, and pre some close-ups of this perfect big-jacket-weather beauty below. 

Stone Island at Pockets

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