Stone Island Prototype Research 03: Extreme Compacting on Nylon Base

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Well here we are again, learning about Stone Island’s complex dyeing methods and technical fabrication just because we all bloody love their jackets. You’ll remember we recently told you about the third instalment of their Prototype series, well this Thursday the innovative fruit of their experimental loins will be available to buy. Limited to only one hundred (numbered) pieces is a jumpsuit that’s loosely inspired by a Soviet pilot suit that can also be divided into two pieces. A nailed on instant collectors piece it actually puts me in mind of the Volvo jumpsuit that I came across (almost literally) in the Massimo Osti Archive when we did our big feature there in Bologna a couple of years back. There’s a massive¬†embroidered Stone Island Compass logo on the back too, for those of you who actually plan on buying this for sky-diving purposes and want everyone to know just how cool you are, ages before you hit the ground.

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