Stone Island Razzle Dazzle Sweat

A nice, but reassuringly more expensive alternative to the Mickey Flanagan/acid steez I wrote about the other day, this Stone Island number is a real head turner. Probably a stomach turner too, in the best possible way, obviously.

Available from Present, amongst others (probably, I’ve not checked) it’s a crew neck sweat that absolutely screams Italia ’90 at me. Overtones of ‘Let’s all have a disco’ and Sardinia.

With the World Cup less than 100 days away now, you could do a lot worse than get your mitts on one of these ahead of beer garden shenanigans and the ensuing riots when England lose on penalties again. Great for overturning vehicles made by whichever country knock us out this time.

I can do the full John Barnes rap you know. Touch me.






Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. Mark Smith

    Path of destruction. You only live once.

  2. Let me update you – the bin sniffer that sits next to me, took the bird with the big breasts who gave me stinky fingers by the bin from accounts out. It turns out that she is into some seriously kinky shit that goes beyond 50 shades. The problem seems to be, she likes to evacuate her bowls on him afterwards and has taken to licking up grannies with lots of cash to buy new stone island – every time she uses his services for her sexual needs. Afterwards he is a broken man. I have advise quitting the part time prostitution with the grannies of Rochdale and spending his cash on proper labels like Norse projects, Nudie jeans, Tuktuk, Barbour and Veras. In-order to attract a more attractive and socially acceptable female. Before his affair with the kinky bird from accounts leads him to begin chasing after primark\top man clothing. Logically, if his kinky sex addiction had spiralled to this point only females that wear leggings would be interested. What does everyone else think ditch the stone island and by implication leaving it to the Asian population of the cotton town, to save his life or continue on this path of distruction?

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