Stone Island Releases SS22 Collection Video

Stone Island’s SS22 collection video makes the sartorial move away from winter and dashes us into the promised land of sun, warmth and colour. 

The video functions as a backdrop to tease various new fabric treatments, styles and details. It neatly showcases modular functions, camouflages, and, in typical Stone Island style, heat reactive outerwear, demonstrating a dark red’s capacity to turn to sun-kissed yellow, symbolising the season’s promise of change – as well as acknowledging that one of Stone Island’s best technologies is here to stay. 

Importantly, for us (and we say this as Stone Island enthusiasts), is the Marina iteration. The Marina line is infamous within the world of Stone, piquing the enthusiasm of collectors and customers alike. For SS22, the Marina branding has been applied to an outerwear piece that builds on the navy-inspired functionality, equipped with 3L Gore-Tex in recycled polyester, internal mesh and heat seam treatments. 

The video also teases more additions to the Ghost luxury sportswear line and countless technology-infused jackets, sweaters, knits and shorts in a variety of fabrics and materials. 

Watch the video below, where you can dissect the saturation of colours for a myriad of clothing details. For more info on what Stone Island have in store for you in SS22, head to their site now.

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