Stone Island SS16 Marina Hyper Light Membrana TC Jacket

Whatever happened to Marina and the Diamonds? Did she even have any Diamonds? I wonder if she’s still keen to tell us she is in fact not a robot. I liked Marina. She looked like she knew how to make really nice toasties and wouldn’t be offended if I elected to ask for no salad (apart from cherry tomatoes, they’re ok by me).

Nothing to do with Stone Island, I just saw that this nice new coat from them is branded as part of their Marina range. It’s definitely the kind of thing I’d wear if I had a yacht. I’d sail the Med, sometimes putting my hood up even if it’s not raining. It’s one of those Stone Island items where you see it, think “That’s great but it’ll be expensive”, then you find out that yes, it is expensive, but in a way it makes you NEED it even more. Then you start planning a bank job or googling week-long residential medical research and checking your holiday allowance.

Stone Island seems more popular than ever to my eyes. Granted, I rarely venture beyond the confines of the Manchester/Cheshire border but when I do, I see compass patches a lot more than I used to. I saw a lad at Piccadilly station yesterday wearing a white hooded SI jacket with white chinos. It wasn’t this jacket but it achieved the same look. And I thought “He’s not firm. He isn’t even a real lad. He’s never got his hands dirty up against a small but tasty firm. He’s probably not even had a small but tasty portion of chips at Grimsby away.”

He had glasses and one of those haircuts they have these days. And his girlfriend looked like she needed a good meal. But my point is Stone Island has become more than just a beacon to say “Punch/arrest me”. And it’s right really, isn’t it? Why should loads of lads who instagram their trainers atop a dusty, garish mantlepiece ruin it for everyone else? It’s a genuinely innovative brand, admittedly loved by lads at the football for a lot longer than our hero earlier in this article. But it’s about time it found favour outside of the whole casual movement.

Anyway, I’m off to make a toastie and maybe sell my lungs to medical science. Then I’ll google Marina and see what she’s up to.

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