Stone Island T-Shirts at Aphrodite

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It might be rare, but every now and then, Stone Island shake things up and veer off-track in their creative pursuits of the apparel world. In their bid to secure the streetwear scene, the Italian label occasionally engage in a short hiatus from fabric innovation, garment dyeing and casual culture to take their hand to urban-wear; doing so, may I add, with incredible skill. Cue the following two styles…

Available at Aphrodite Clothing, these short-sleeved Stone Island t-shirts see the brand truly affirm a city-led stance. Both colourways are crafted from rich cotton, with the iconic compass emblem, as ever, situated at the core of operations.

Perhaps the most unusual element of the tee is its questionable staining across the chest, but we’ll let you make your own mind up about that one. And finally, to the reverse, the base leads a graphic-heavy look, with Carlo Rivetti showcasing his very-own case for logomania – a strong one at that. 

Catch both versions while stocks last at Aphrodite here & here.


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