Stone Island Unveils its “The Compass Inside” Manifesto

Although Stone Island has been around since the early 80s, a lot of its lifespan so far has been built on a cultish DNA, where it was embraced and enjoyed by those with a particular type of appreciation for the brand Massimo Osti founded. In recent years, through collabs with Supreme and a newfound appreciation in the U.S, Stone Island’s charms have enjoyed vastly wider appreciation than before.

Having been acquired by Moncler in 2020 for a pretty hefty pricetag in excess of £1billion, Stone Island will continue to go from strength to strength. As part of that new journey, a new chapter has been recently unveiled.

A new manifesto, entitled ‘The Compass Inside’, underpins an accompanying advertising campaign led by members of its community wearing emblematic items from its Spring Summer’024 collection.

‘The Compass Inside’ is a declaration of values and beliefs that are innate to Stone Island, and aims to speak to every member of the ever-growing Stone Island global community with a shared purpose that gives Stone Island its unique strength.

Starting by engaging with 16 key members of the global Stone Island community, this new campaign includes longstanding SI enthusiast and actor Jason Statham, producer and musician Dave, choreographer Wayne McGregor, tennis player Henry Searle, rapper Tricky and architect Heidulf Gerngross.

Each is photographed by David Sims against Stone Island’s iconic white background, with creative direction by Ferdinando Verderi and styling by Max Pearmain.The campaign narrative is further enriched by ten questions specially set for each participant by curator and cultural critic Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of London’s Serpentine Gallery, with theanswers appearing alongside the portraits.

42 years after it began, Stone Island continues to weave its own unique journey and in embracing its community to help shape the future, its popularity can only grow stronger.

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