Stoney White Badge Stays on Top

I just wrote a small piece about how it’s best to wear Stone Island without the badge. But you know what? There’s exceptions to every rule. I mean, sometimes, you can’t physically take the badge off. Like, on some of my 80’s green badge blue denims, or, this beautiful white badge Mussola Gommata backpack. It’s the square badge – it’s got a mildly understated edge to it, like, who needs removable rectangles, anyway? 

The bag is made of the same infamous Mussola Gommata material that various lines of jackets are made from, and it’s lined with Cotton/Cordura® for extra durability. There’s also a solid amount of clips and fastens to ensure you’re fully strapped. 

Scope the piece out at Pockets. 

Stone Island at Pockets. 

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