Street Casuals Look-book & Competition, win a Penfield Sconset jacket!

Our mates at Street Casuals have just knocked up a great look-book featuring their latest haul of Summery gear, so to be in with the chance of winning this rather ace Penfield Sconset jacket in grey blue denim worth £110, click on to the aforementioned look-book HERE, have a good hard, look at  it and then choose a suitable caption for the very last image (the ice-cream van) and post it below in the comments section of this page along with your size (S,M,L or XL).

Penfield Sconset weatherproof trail jacket in grey blue denim is fabricated from lightweight Hudson wax. Features 5 button placket, Penfield branded bone look buttons, 2 lower patch pockets, right chest button down angled pocket, central hunting pockets with concealed snaps, adjustable button cuff and leather patch branding to sleeve. Lightweight hudson wax. Made in the US to last.

Competition Ends: 01/06/11Well done Stuart B!


  1. “What time do you get off and were can I pick you up?”


  2. “Back in the days we used to be so excited to hear the sound of the ice cream van. When we heard it on the next block, we’d run to get mom or dad and waited for that van to come our way for a tasty treat. It’s a different world now but when it comes right down to it things haven’t changed all that much.”

  3. Yes maam, were together for like 5 years…

    S please

  4. Matthew Yu

    Oh these blokes are Goofy, no wonder why they want some of my ice cream (*false advertising*). Good looking blokes though, come again!

  5. Jeff couldn’t help but laugh when he noticed the compromising position his ginger mate had gotten into with Dumbo while paying for his ice cream…

    Large ta

  6. Thomas Peacock

    Even in his late twenties, Jonny couldn’t escape the magnetic pull of hearing Greensleeves ringing in his ears: “Fancy a screw….ball?” he said to his mate.

    Medium please!

  7. “It’s not what it seems luv. We work together….”

    Medium please!

  8. Milly’s Ices, iced confectionary for the impeccably dressed since ’97.

    A medium would be great.

  9. John Lindsay

    Cheers that 99 Looks a bit tastier & less painful than the 71 your mate gave me last night

    A 71? what’s that?

    A 69 with 2 fingers

    LARGE Please

  10. I had to go on holiday to Wales this year because I spent all my money on clothes.


  11. I’m a model you know , this should be on the house .

  12. will you be selling the limited edition Milly’s x Penfield cones, or will they only be available in Japan?

  13. Frothy Cresta

    MILLY: He still hasn’t noticed that bit I flicked on his earlobe!

  14. Iain Sinclair

    Can I have, three chews, a dip dab, four shrimps, five cola bottles some rainbow drops, a packet of salt n vinegar crisps and a can of Tizer. That’ll be £1.50. Ehhh……… have you got anything for 10p?

    XL please

  15. Chris bentley

    Ginger – I’ll have a 99 flake and a mint choc cornetto for my mate.

    Milly – that’ll be 4 quid, but I’ll let you have them for free if you boys can get me some free advertising in a proper posh magazine.

    Ginger – funny you should say that love . . . .

    Large please.

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