Stutterheim at Peggs and Son

Not matter how much technology advances, it’s hard to find a more waterproof jacket than plain old rubberised raincoat.

Based on that very garment is Stutterheim, a brand which began when its eponymous founder Alex Stutterheim found an old fishing raincoat belonging to his Grandad, in a disused barn.

Modernising it in all the right places led to the brand you see today, with rubberised cotton playing a key role in offering the perfect alternative to fabrics like Gore Tex and various other bleeding edge tech.

If you like your waterproofs to have a traditional look and feel, or perhaps you want to look like a very cool dominatrix going fishing, look no further.

Available at Peggs and Son.



Peggs and Son


Mark Smith

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  1. Neil Summers

    I’ve got a yellow Stutterheim, it’s absolutely perfect, everyone needs one in their wardrobe.

  2. Karma Chameleon

    Rubber woow , love a yellow colour xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Big bad willie joe joe

    Far to heavy man super uncomfortable …

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