Summer Sale Picks – Jackets

We’re in that mad inbetweeny time where summer stock is starting to get depleted and autumn deliveries at our fave shops begin to land. It makes it hard to know what to focus on via these pages, tbh, but we continue.

We thought it’d be worth reminding you there are some very nice garments for combating the rain still knocking about, with many reduced. Here’s a few we thought you’d like.

C.P. Company GD Shell Jacket Pale Mauve
If you need us to join the dots on this one then frankly there’s no hope for you. A summer shade in a jacket that’ll keep you safe from most of the elements at this point in the calendar.
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Carhartt WIP Idaho Jacket
Enough pockets for you? An increased number of places in which to house your essentials doesn’t mean an increase in price. This one is reduced.
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A.P.C Greg Jacket
Looking like the kind of jacket all French forensic police officers must wear while examining a crime scene in the rain, this A.P.C jacket is right up our rue.
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Lacoste Lightweight Water Repellent Taffeta Short Jacket
From one French brand to another, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Lacoste.
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Dickies Oakport Coach Jacket
Good colour this, isn’t it?
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Taion Oversized Down Hooded Jacket
Tremendous value for an item that’ll you into the colder months. All wardrobes require this sort of thing.
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Stan Ray High Pile Fleece Jacket Khaki
More associated with their workwear, Stan Ray are perfectly capable of creating similarly smart garments like this fleece.
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