Summer Sale Selects – T-Shirts

It’s our duty to not just tell you about exciting new releases but also highlight the stuff that slipped through the cracks and ended up in the sale section. With the current state of the world, the sale season has become a recurring festival of discounts and brands sometimes even build that considering into the margins they make. Sales are here to stay so we may as well may hay while the sun shines.

Here are some t-shirts we thought we’d put under your nose.

These are all available from Eqvvs

Carhartt WIP Relaxed Fit Manual T-Shirt
Our appreciation of Carhartt’s tees is well documented on this here website. For that reason we won’t bore you with any more info, other than to say, look at this one. Nice isn’t it?
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Kenzo Boke Flower T-Shirt
Not a brand we often cover on these digital pages but that big flower sucked us in.
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Parlez Ladsun T-Shirt
Bristolian brand Parlez are a great bunch of lads. Even their basic tees with logos such as this on the front are worthy of attention.
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Ralph Lauren Big Pony T-Shirt
There are areas of London where saying the phrase Big Pony would be met with a slightly disgusted look. Not when you show them this tee though.
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Gramicci Oval T-Shirt
Like it’s jumped straight out of a Super Nintendo game cartridge, this 90s-style logo is a smashing example of Gramicci’s expert eye.
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Wood Wood Ace T-Shirt
Plain white tees are nice, but plain white tees with chest logos like this are even better.
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Fred Perry Bold Stripe T-Shirt
As Wimbledon comes to a close, the name Fred Perry is once again thrown about in a tennis context. Yet arguably, it has now transcended its racquet roots.
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Paul Smith Skulls Logo T-Shirt
Always here for us with interesting yet not needlessly trend-chasing themes, Paul Smith is an absolute giant in fashion, yet the brand which bears his name continues to put out consistently good clobber.
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Hugo Boss Dulive222 T-Shirt
Big branding is back via this Boss number. Though the surname is dropped in favour of the simple moniker HUGO. Presumably for fear of everyone getting worried about being told off by someone with Boss on their clothing.
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Wood Wood Bobby Logo T-Shirt
Another entry from the Great Danes at Wood Wood. This is a brand that’s always about, always around, always doing nice stuff and collaborating with the great and good of menswear. And here they are providing us with a nice tee.
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