Summertime Sneaker Selection

If you’re a practical person, you’ll wait until the months that enjoy the fewest raindrops before donning your most colourful footwear. Given we’re on the cusp of holiday season, we thought we’d pull together a few examples of said shoes. Summer-appropriate and guaranteed to make you feel like you’re properly on your holidays.

adidas Originals Bermuda – Gold
Supposedly Gold in colour, but the colour on these looks like the orange juice you get when you’re in a half-board hotel in the Canaries.
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New Balance 574 Trainers – Orange
From the juicy shade of orange to something more akin to the outer casing that you’re not really meant to eat. These 574’s from New Balance are screaming summer at us. Perhaps you’re sitting back on a sun lounger, with these resting effortlessly alongside you on the sand, with your invisible trainer socks messily poking out of the top as you burn your feet on the first day of your holiday. Lovely scenes.
Get a pair anyway, from here ideally.

New Balance 580 Trainers – Workwear
Another vote for Boston’s own sneaker brand, and especially these which benefit from a 40% sale reduction. They’re in a colour called ‘workwear’ which seems odd given they look borderline edible on account of their banoffee pie undertones.
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Karhu Synchron Classic Trainers
Finland. Not a nation normally associated with bright sunshine and summer fun. But having been there during the warmer months and swam in lakes and stuff, I can tell you it’s a lovely place. Or it was 20 years ago when I went. At that time, Karhu weren’t really doing this sort of thing. Wish they were. I’d have been on them before everyone else.
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On Running Cloudnova – White and Limelight
The rise of this brand has been swift but they’re here to stay. If you’re the type to do loads of walking everywhere on holiday, these are a good choice.
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Autry Medalist Low Trainers
Another relative new kid on the block, albeit our block here in the UK, Autry are also likely to stick around.
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