Swedish brand Stiksen puts a cap on it

Sweden is a nation with a decent reputation for making nice things. Whether it be the outdoor gear brands like Fjallraven, vehicles with the timelessness of the Volvo, or that massive blue and yellow place, to our sometimes unrefined British sensibilities, Sweden is a place to go if you want nice stuff.

This is reinforced by Stiksen, another Swedish brand focuses its efforts on headwear, believing caps are as important as every other garment in your wardrobe, rather than the afterthought they can often find themselves relegated to.

Their focus on quality is what drives them first and foremost, with a relaxed take on logos. Typically understated, this brand prefers a minimalist approach to branding, making caps for pretty much all occasions. They even make them in 3 sizes.

You should check them out as soon as you’ve finished those meatballs.

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Mark Smith

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