Talking Dicks & Armed Robbery Chic: Reflections from the Proper Office

In the blink of an eye, February was upon us. It hit us like bright lights on a hangover, and we found ourselves swiftly deposited into reality with as much oomph as a disjointed wake up from a vivid dream. Similarly to the moments that follow abrupt awakenings, the start to the year has been rather existential: we’ve found ourselves reflecting on the past and planning for the future. It’s not a bad place to be in, really, and it means we’ve taken time to consider some things with due diligence. There’s a first for everything. 

As part of our new and contemplative leanings, we’re taking a moment (just one) on this Friday afternoon to consider some bits we’ve done this week, round up some poignant thoughts, and present the peculiar trains of thought that find themselves coasting on the proverbial tracks of our office. First things first: talking dicks.

Pam and Tommy

Pam & Tommy, Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee, CR: Hulu

When Walt Disney got his pen out and drew a mouse in 1928, he wouldn’t have quite envisaged how things would move on almost 100 years later. The Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee story is currently showing on Disney + and it features a CGI dick talking to its owner. You must watch it.

Cool Cats

ASGco. have launched their new gear. It channels the publication of the Leicestershire Regiment, entitled the Green Tiger Journal and it’s really very good.

Armed Robbery Chic

Locals Wawwa have made a balaclava in Manchester. We’re certain sawn-off shotguns were far from their minds when they made it. See more here.

This Week in Seeding

One of the best things about writing about clothes is that you get sent them. It’s great. So and so says: what do you think about this jacket? and then it magically appears in the helpful hands of the Royal Mail. But sometimes we get sent things that aren’t as quite as permanent as coats and don’t last nearly as long.

Pot Kettle Black sent us some croissants and they were almost as big as our heads.

Religious Poetry

And lastly, just because we can’t go a week without laughing at this image:

Roses are red, violets are tender…

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