Ten Brands We Like (but aren’t quite sure how to pronounce)

We’ve all done it. Self-consciously mentioned a brand name without knowing if our way of saying it is actually the right way. Those of us with balls just say it and don’t worry if we look stupid, and as a result often look stupid. Those who hedge their bets will throw a couple of versions and add a question mark, verbally.

We thought it was about time we had a stab at solidifying these brand names and how to say them without embarrassing yourselves. We might be wrong though, you have been warned.

How we pronounce it – Feryaal-ray-vun
How we think it should be pronounced – Fhyell-Rarvun

Sadly, our knowledge of Swedish doesn’t mirror their knowledge of English. Consequently we just tend to have a stab at their words. ABBA was easy, Ikea marginally less so. Volvo? Hard to get wrong. Put a couple of pairs of eyes on the letter ‘a’ though and we’re bamboozled. The brand founded by Åke Nordin in 1960 is best known for it’s Kånken backpack. It’s another example of a Swedish word people from our neck of the words can’t quite grasp. That hasn’t stopped their success though.

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How we pronounce it – ah-dee-dus
How we think it should be pronounced – addy-dass

It’s a contentious one, that’s for sure. It’s also one we seem to knowingly mispronounce. After all, the brand was founded by a man called Adi Dassler, hence adi Dass. Are Run DMC to blame? Their 1986 release paid homage to the Teutonic Trainer brand, with the opening lyrics:-

My Adidas
Walk through concert doors
And roam all over coliseum floors
I stepped on stage, at Live Aid
All the people gave and the poor got paid

It might be nothing to do with the above though. It might just be characteristic North West England individualism. Who know, and/or cares?

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How we pronounce it – Soccer Knee
How we think it should be pronounced – Soccer Knee

The American sportswear brand pre-dates Nike by a couple of generations, having been founded in 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Taking its name from the nearby Saucony Creek, their wordwide growth created doubt in the running community. How do we say it? Sore-coney? Sorecunny? Well, having worked with them a few times we’re here to help. It’d dead simple. Soccer Knee, or at a push Sock-a-knee.

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How we pronounce it – Super Gar
How we think it should be pronounced – Sue-pair-gar

Not 100% sure on this one. Founded in Turin, Italy, in 1911 this is a brand that’s always there, always doing its thing, with the 2750 model standing tall as a hero piece, almost 100 years after it was first conceived, back in 1925. How do we say it right though? Ask an Italian. They’ll know.

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How we pronounce it – Sibaygo
How we think it should be pronounced – Suhbaygo

Another really old brand whose name hasn’t held them back. Is it like Tobago, as in the partner island of Trinidad? Or is it Sebago as in Embargo? The former makes more sense.

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How we pronounce it – Forrett
How we think it should be pronounced – Foray

A relative newcomer in comparison to its counterparts on this list. The word Foret, unsurprisingly means Forest in several languages, including their native Danish. Rudimentary knowledge of foreign languages means we reckon it’s ‘Foray’, but what do we know?

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How we pronounce it – Pirrer necks
How we think it should be pronounced – Pirrer necks

We’re quite sure it’s Pirrer necks, but it might be Pie Ruhr Necks, which sounds like an illness acquired in Germany from eating too much pastry-encased meat treats. In our head, anyway.

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How we pronounce it – Nighk
How we think it should be pronounced – Nigh-key

If you’re from Portland, fair enough. Call it Nikey. Even call it Nee-Kay like the guy in Back to the Future 3, but we’re neither American nor based in a fictionalised version of the Old West, so we’ll stick to Nike, like Bike and Hike, thanks. Even though we do so knowing we’re probably wrong, just as we do with adidas.

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Aimé Leon Dore
How we pronounce it – Amy Leon Door
How we think it should be pronounced – Amy Leon Door

All we can say is it sounds like someone Jools Holland would have on, announcing them with aplomb to rapturous applause from the most Middle Class audience ever assembled. We reckon it’s pronounced roughly as above, but as adidas and Nike have shown, having a name nobody is quite able to agree on the pronunciation of is no bad thing.

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How we pronounce it – Druthers (same as Brothers)
How we think it should be pronounced – Druthers (same as Brothers)

It’s a pretty straightforward one, this. Or you’d think so. One idiot in our office, who shall remain nameless (ok, it was me) initially reckoned this was pronounced in the same way “Truthers” would be. What a wally. Nice socks though, and we’ve sorted out how to say it right, so no harm done.

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