Ten c is for big hitters

Ten c is back again for another season of reassuringly expensive, uncompromising outerwear.

What does Ten c even mean though?

Apparently it’s an acronym for ‘The Emporers New Clothes’ but I’m not so sure. Given this weekend’s boxing happenings, all I can think about is the ‘c’ stands for count. Maybe it’s also the fact this brand is helmed by three absolute heavyweights in menswear, Paul Harvey, Alessandro Pungetti and Enzo Fusco. All three possess pedigree few could live with for 12 rounds. Sorry, taking the boxing thing a bit far there. We won’t go into the detail of their working histories because a) You probably know as much as you want to know already and b) This isn’t about where they’ve been, but where they are with Ten c.

Many brands design with a retail price point in mind, then they work backwards, always knowing an element of compromise is required to ensure the garment is within the pricing structure agreed. In the case of Ten c though, you get the feeling it’s designed with fewer limits. Sure, this pushes the price up a tad, but if you’re in the market for something that will live alongside you happily for the remainder of your life, look no further.

When you put it like that, their gear is a bargain. In fact maybe it punches above its weight. Sorry, boxing again.

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