Ten T-Shirts for Taking Time Off

Oh look, here we are talking about t-shirts again. But there’s a good reason. The forthcoming forecast demands it and frankly, there are lots of nice t-shirts out there. We can’t leave them out.

As we head into summer, that annual leave starts getting taken and time off appears on the calendar. With that in mind, whether you’re heading off to sunnier climes or just sitting in your garden getting cross with wasps, you’ll certainly be open to a new t-shirt or ten.

Carhartt WIP Fireworks T-Shirt
Consistently cool t-shirts come from Carhartt. Bonfire night may be months away but don’t let that stop you buying this fireworks tee.
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Kavu Klear Above Etch Art T-Shirt
Coming in a colour called Butterscotch, this is a sweet addition for summer.
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Ubizo Tattoo Heart T-Shirt
A rare treat this, Ubizo is a brand with African roots which takes from that culture. Specifically, the word uBizo means ‘The Calling’ and has spiritual connotations.
Pretty interesting tbh and worth further exploration.
Take yourself off here to find out more.

Gramicci G-Shirt T-Shirt
Another effort from Gramicci that celebrates not just its own DNA but a pair of their shorts, which are depicted on the back. Smart.
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Edwin Kamifuji T-Shirt
Edwin have long since transcended their denim roots to provide us all with suitably suave summertime stuff, for example this Kamifuji tee.
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Paul Smith Wooden Skull T-Shirt
A permanent fixture on the British fashion landscape for decades now, Paul Smith remains as relevant as ever, observing the trends but never trying to be them. This is a good example of that.
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Sad Frog Bong T-Shirt
A frog that smokes weed? Sure is.
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General Admission People T-Shirt
A brand that has occupied a small corner of our radar for about 3 years now, General Admission is something you should check out. This is a good example of the sort of stuff they do.
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