Ten T-Shirts to see you through summer

T-shirts are like Boris Johnson’s detractors. There really are too many of them in the world to count. And yet, as recent events have shown, there’s always plenty of space for more.

Few of us are short of tees to wear. They’re an all-year-round item that really comes into its own during the warmer months, and yet despite most of us being able to reach for a few tees at any given moment, the desire for something new is never far away. That white t-shirt you’ve worn to death has lost its brilliant white hue, and your other faves have served you well but are beginning to show their age.

With this in mind, we’ve done a quick round up of some of the t-shirts that caught our eye while wandering the web last week. Read on.

The North Face at Wellgosh
No t-shirt collection is complete without something from these lads. There’s a bit of a trend for mushrooms and a sort of Wicker Man vibe about at the minute, and predictably, the Berkeley Boys are at the forefront of this.
See more at Wellgosh here

Also stateside, and staying on the West Coast, Seattle’s Kavu have been around a long time, but only really begun to knock on doors in the UK in the last few years. Their unique take on the outdoors is fuelled by living in a place that has it all – the sea, the mountains, snow, sunshine. Take me there, and do so with haste. And give me one of these while you’re doing it.
See their UK website here

Oh look, yet another brand with U.S roots making nice t-shirts with an outdoor back story. Except Gramicci aren’t just another brand, they’re arguably the brand of the moment for outdoor types, so reliable and on point their gear is. While tech gear might be better procured from elsewhere, for stuff that celebrates the lifestyle, you can barely look much further than Gramicci.
Their UK website is here

Good Morning Tapes at Goodhood
What is it with Goodhood and brands you’ve not previously seen before but instantly like? Not sure of the background of this one, but it’s nice isn’t it?
Check it here

Gramicci x Urban Industry
Sorry not sorry for including a second Gramicci effort in here. This one comes via their link up with Eastbourne’s finest, Urban Industry.
Link yourself up here

We’re not that vain, but it’s be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to include one of our standout tees from this season’s range.
Get yours in the sale here

Battenwear at Yards
Celebrating a decade doing good stuff, this Battenwear tee is pretty clever isn’t it. Not sure what they’ll do when they reach 20 years. Looking forward to the next 10 if they’re as good as their first though.
Yards have them here

Nike at Hanon
Pink t-shirts on the right human male body can be anything but feminine. Tell your Dad that. This understated, yet still eyecatching tee by Nike at Hanon will serve you well for those moments when you’re sat on the beach eating strawberry ice cream.
See more here

Klattermusen at Outsiders
Sorry but Klattermusen might be my fave genuine outdoor brand at the moment. Technical yet not in that boring and expensive way. Cool but not in a too trendy way. And they’re Swedish, and they have a mouse for a logo. Not sure it gets much better tbqhwy.
Get on it here

Carhartt at Urban Excess
Not sure there’s a brand out there doing t-shirts quite as well as Carhartt have been in recent years. Whether it be food, nature, music or whatever else, they seem to get things spot on.
Purchase this here

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