The adidas Samba OG returns

Thumbing through the metaphorical pages of the internal adidas archive that exists deep in my mind, the Samba family holds a unique position. adidas – keen to celebrate this – are working with key retailers this season with a release that comes with understandable fanfare.

You can research the history of sports footwear and pinpoint key milestones when shoes made for competitive action stepped knowingly across the white line from pitch or court to street. Few can lay claim to a lineage as old as the Samba though. This shoe has its roots in post-war Europe, first appearing as early as 1949. Created to allow athletes (mainly footballers) to train and play on icy surfaces that wouldn’t take a traditional stud, the shoe has understandably enjoyed reboots (no pun intended) and subtle evolution over the years. The one you see before you however is a refined reissue that possesses all the elements you want in a Samba.

Lads with mullets, ironically sporting French second division football shirts need not put you off this. While it’s clearly a style of shoe that’s enjoying a moment, it’s probably as old as your Grandad. If he looks this good, then fair play, but we bet he doesn’t.

Available from Oi Polloi from 8am tomorrow (28/1/23)

Mark Smith

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