The Best Summer Shorts in 2022

A Scouse mate used to say to me: “It’s shorts weather 365, lad”, which means that, despite the title, the summer shorts below aren’t just for the summer.

Shorts are an incredibly overlooked essential. As summer approaches, it’s easy to dig an old pair out from the neglected part of the wardrobe, the same place where the charity shop pile lives or where socks go to die. But now, as the flashes of heat make themselves known, shorts are quickly becoming a wardrobe priority, and you’re worth more than the reclaimed wayside of yesteryear. 

But it’s difficult. Too short or too long? Bright colours or muted tones? Garish or simple? Well, in all honesty, all of the above. Every short has its place. 

In some corners of the internet, there are still whole groups of men for whom wearing shorts is a daunting task. Or, as Sopranos teaches, a don doesn’t wear shorts. But it’s 2022. If you want to feel as outdated as Tom Ford sounds, stick to pants. For open-knee-devotees, we’ve got you covered. 

Gramicci Shell Gear

First up, here’s some practical-yet-fashionable all-rounders from Gramicci. The colourblocking gives them a real 80s feel, while the sturdy and shiny polyester keeps it Gramicci. There are four pockets, so you’re sorted for stowaway potential. And the best thing: like Gramicci pants, you can still do the splits in them. 

A-Cold-Wall Essential

While technical shorts are all well and good, some, made of cotton jersey, are pure chilling. Samuel Ross’ ACW has a cult following that’s pushing boundaries in the upper echelons of fashion and ready to wear. 

Weekend Offender Utility Short 

When Proper Mag first started, we came from a love of terrace culture. Say what you want of it, but so did brands like Weekend Offender – alluding to a lifestyle we don’t condone, of course. If you want to let the people know that you’re partial to a little bit of mischief on the weekends, like Leo Gregs does, then these utility shorts are an obvious choice.  

Admiral x 6876 Proctor Short

6876 has been committed to the cleanest of clean aesthetics since day dot, and now they’ve grabbed Admiral Sporting Goods for a technically well-rounded pair that capitalises on both brands’ stellar reputations. Garment washed with gradient tones, and made of robust cotton with a tiny bit of elastane thrown in for flexible measure. In terms of quality, it doesn’t get much better. 

Stone Island Jersey Cargos 

There’re numerous ways to get the badge in, and one of the most inventive is on the soft touch of some cotton shorts. The heavyweight cotton sweat shorts are the perfect attire for summer lager sipping activities, with a top off and the outline of some bright red sunburn starting to take shape. Perfect. 

Brain Dead No Souls

Brain Dead has cemented itself as one of our favourite brands at the moment, partly for its eccentric angles but mainly just for the consistency. They never miss. While taking a simple short silhouette and dressing it up with playful tones isn’t hard, no one executes it with the style that Brain Dead do. 

Ræburn x Boardies

It wouldn’t be a shorts list without some swimmers, would it? The man Ræburn wouldn’t design a pair that didn’t have some environmental inclinations, so this Ræburn x Boardies collab is made with biodegradable materials and recycled polyester. 

Fred Perry x Loverboy Kilt

Feeling flamboyant? Scottish? All of the above? Grab yourself a kilt from the Fred Perry x Loverboy collab.

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