The Commonwealth x Clae Hoffman

Being a fickle, brand-obsessed child of the 80s (and a bit of the 90s), three stripes, a swoosh or that thing on the side of Puma trainers (is it a sort of running track?) were my mainstay. For a long while, and way before the #adidasonly internet melvs did it, I reserved my feet for only footwear featuring the trefoil. Since I became an actual grown up man (about three weeks ago, I think) though, the idea of narrowing the field is unappealing and as such, when these Clae Hoffman popped into my festive inbox I liked the look of them.

It can be dangerous putting a shoe out with zero branding. They can look lame, but these avoid all that nonsense by generally looking like something Tim Peake would do his gravity-free yoga in.

Hanon have these, as do but there are only 350 pairs. Probably less now they’ve been on sale for a bit.

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