The Connoisseur Resistance Smock

Great for the town, the terrace or trick or treating (plus other things which don’t necessarily begin with a ‘t’), the traditional smock is the kind of jacket favoured by hardy souls the world over. Whether you’re a retro-skier or just someone who likes to affect that persona, the trusty smock jacket is an automatic choice.

Traditionally worn as an outer layer in particularly inclement conditions, the smock is one of a whole raft of military garments which have made the sidestep to stylish. The whole heritage thing continues to ebb and flow but items like the smock transcend trends. If something’s good, it’s good.

The lads at Connoisseur continue to bring their eagle eye to clothing, apparel and even air fresheners. Their brand began like all the best brands – as a passionate idea with little or no prior knowledge or experience. Rooted in the pub, the football terraces, the cinema and various other locations frequented by young British males, the brand has grown up as its proprietors have too and this smock is a landmark achievement for a trio of lads who eschewed the regular 9-5 in favour of their passion.

Having built up slowly and deliberately from printed t-shirts to their popular ‘Beat a Storm’ cagoules, ‘Weir’ Bobble hats and the more recent Peaks Parka, the Resistance Smock takes inspiration from films like Heroes of Telemark, a true and heroic tale which cannot help but inspire.

It’ll be a while before you’ll be able to buy the Resistance Smock and the photos below are of a sample which will slightly differ in fabric from the finished version, but you can be sure no stone will be left unturned in the Connoisseurs quest for something just right. For each of their previous products they’ve gone to the best manufacturer possible and this is no different. The Resistance Smock will be made here in England.

With a bit of luck you can pencil this in for the first snowball fight of the year.

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