The Football Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

We’re all football aren’t we? At least for now.

There are many ways in which people are currently consuming the World Cup.

Maybe you’re new to the game and have uncovered a nascent appreciation for the high press and a voracious appetite for the concept of the False 9. On the other hand maybe you’re prone to wasting 3/4 of a pint of expensive beer when a goal goes in, throwing your plastic pint pot in the air in performative triumph, the UberLad who calls Raheem Sterling ‘Razzer’ like he’s his mate. Perhaps you’re a confirmed misanthrope who loves football so very much you actually despise it too. There are many shades of grey here but the interest in football is high so we thought we’d share some of our own favourite Instagram accounts on that very subject. When the Boxparks stand silent, these will still be talking about football in a way we can get onboard with.

Mundial Magazine
The reluctant gatekeepers of all that is good about the game, Mundial offer you a compass of cool when it comes to football. Time-served football culture nerds who wear nice coats, the Mundial lads are superb writers, whether short quips or long-form essays. Mundial can do memes as well as anyone yet also turn their hand to a profile on the life and times of a player you’ve never heard of but should have heard of. Put simply, they’re the best at all this stuff.

This is one of a few very popular accounts out there that feature a stream-of-consciousness style of writing, but whereas others elect to write in a vernacular rarely seen on the actual terraces, this one is a tone you can trust. What they do is write in an irreverent and engaging style that is infinitely more relatable to the average match-going football supporter. There’s an authenticity here that means they would never describe a player as having ‘got game’, even less call them ‘a baller’. This is a good thing.

Cult Kits
In recent years there has been a new wave of appreciation for the ephemera around football, most notably the actual shirts and the opportunity to geek out about football league sleeve patches or a slightly different badge application. We’re totally here for that sort of nerdism. Cult Kits takes things a step further, applying an eye for the aesthetic that makes you trust their understanding of what is now a massive trend.

Art of Football
This is another group doing football right. Art of Football celebrate the best elements of football culture through product and creativity, always with the idea that football is about community rather than commodity.

The Pred Collective
The Predator was once a groundbreaking innovation in football footwear. Today it stands more as an iconic piece of product design with all the cultural resonance any design classic will attract. The Pred Collective are experts in this.

Footy Scran
In days gone by, the only thing you could expect from the food of football grounds was that it was just about edible. These days though, the denizens of everywhere from Middlesbrough to Melbourne are quick to share the culinary delights on offer to fans. From artisan pies to local delicacies, this account combines the time-honoured tradition of sharing food on instagram, but with an angle that’ll appeal to those who one day dream of doing the 92.

The Soccer Archive
Another shirt-sharing account that knows the score, there are plenty of cool jerseys you’d forgotten about on this feed.

Football Karaoke
Just a very simply idea done well, give these guys a follow if you want a little chuckle.

Football Before 90
Ok, the mask is slipping here. We are those football misanthropes we mentioned, so this is great to us.

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