The Fourness x 6876 #3

The future is always shaped by knowledge gained from experience. It’s unavoidable. When you’ve done good stuff in the past, it makes sense to revisit it. The latest round of The Fourness x 6876 stuff is typically timeless, a fact evidenced by its roots. For example, the Haden jacket was first released in 2006, which it may surprise you to realise was an actual decade ago now. I know. Mad. In addition to that, the Work trouser first appeared in 1998 and that’s making a return too.

It’s all made in Japan, almost certainly by artisans with their sleeves rolled up and those little aprons┬áthat they wear.

Check it out here anyway. Considering how smart, limited and well made it is, you get a lot of bang for your buck. God, I’ve just said ‘bang for your buck’ someone stab me in the eyes.

6876-jacket-beige-Detail-1a 6876-jacket-beige-Detail-3 6876-jacket-beige-Front 6876-jacket-Navy-Detail-1 6876-jacket-Navy-Detail-2 6876-jacket-Navy-Detail-5 6876-Trousers-Camel-Detail-1 6876-Trousers-Camel-Front 6876-Trousers-Teal-Detail-3 6876-Trousers-Teal-Detail-4

Mark Smith

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