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First trainer based on burgers, and now this for dessert…

Saucony must have a thing about food and footwear, which is handy because so do I. I like burgers but my health practitioner (it’s what I call my doctor these days, sounds more grown up) reckons I shouldn’t eat as many, and instead I should go with a bit more fruit.

I’m not sure she’ll get it when I bowl into her surgery for my next check up wearing these. “See, I told you I was taking your advice” I’ll say. Then she’ll tell me my latest test results have revealed a shadow on my… feet! And we’ll both laugh about serious illnesses, then I’ll get a new inhaler prescription and go home.

Seriously though, Saucony have really made an impression this last twelve months, and you don’t do that without actually putting together something that is both good quality and nice. These are that. The fresh picked pack is – we’re told – “The perfect way to style up your SS15” wardrobe. It may also lower your cholesterol. No guarantees though.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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