The Liverpool Boys Are In Town – Dave Hewitson

Casual might have gone overground but the roots of its story are just as cool and interesting as they ever were. I wasn’t there due to not being born and that, but for those who were, the popularity of casual presents a perfect opportunity to set the record straight. 

Dave Hewitson does exactly that, with a re-release of his 2004 book, The Liverpool Boys Are In Town.

I know these sorts of things always attract strong opinions but fuck all that, just read the book. I got the original when Dave first self-published it all those years ago and read it front to back in one go. It provided a background to a scene that had already long since hooked me in.

I’ll sound old here, because I am now, but the young lads getting all #casuallyobsessed on the internet would do well to take a bite out of this book and others, if only to learn the reasons why their three stripes are now so accessible and yet still sought after.

It’s out on Amazon Kindle on 6th March anyway. More info here.


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