The North Face ‘Back to Trail’ Collection

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As I sit and write this I’m laughing to myself about the instagram story Bugsy Malone recently published about TNF. He explains about visiting their HQ in ‘Switzerland’ where he was apparently surprised to find that all they wanted to talk about was climbing mountains. I won’t go into the rest of it but it sounds like he’s decided to stop wearing Nupstes and is sticking the skin tight Sherlock Holmes look instead. Which is fair enough but if you’re staking a claim to having brought TNF to Manchester Bugs you might want to have a word with Ian Brown first (see below).

OK now that’s off my chest we can crack on enthusing about those mountain obsessed nutters at the North Face and the ‘Back to Trail’ capsule collection they’ve just dropped. Inspired by OG TNF footwear from the nineties the collection also sees the reintroduction of the melting domes print and the iconic Lhotse jacket. Which is the Tibetan word for ‘South Peak’ in case you didn’t know and was first designed as part of the North Face Expedition system. Alongside the Lhotse you’ll also find such gems as the Denali ear band, fleece and pants, the mighty Mountain Q Jacket, the Hot Shot bag and Trail Escape Edge shoe – all in two unique retro colourways. Check out the ‘Back to Trail’ collection here.

Oh and by the way this gear is pretty good for staying warm and dry in Manchester as well as Tibet.

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