The North Face ‘Have You Ever’ Campaign

The North Face’s latest campaign, Have You Ever, throws back to the adventurous origins of the brand. In the video, Betty Reid Soskin, the US’ oldest serving National Park Ranger, narrates clips of fireplaces, hikes, and scenery. “Have you ever chosen sunrise over sleep? Tasted rivers? Have you ever let magic take you over?” asks Betty. 

TNF wants to encourage people to have their own ‘Have You Ever’ moments: to embrace uncertainty, to challenge themselves and their comfort zones. 

The North Face’s Never Stop community is offering weekly opportunities for people to engage with hiking, climbing, and trail running activities all across Europe. More details are available here. 

New collections are dropping between now and September. The first of these is the VECTIV footwear model and the Mountain Athletics range which you can check out here.

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