The North Face Men’s Thermoball™ Traction Mule


Putting the bins out, answering the door to the pizza dude and just generally kicking about the house at this time of year can be a proper first world problem. Do you pad out onto the patio wearing your socks, desperately looking for the less damp patches, or do you quickly slip halfway into your trainers and shuffle along like a little boy trying his Mum’s high heels on?

Just me then.

These are the ideal solution to those key life events. Who cares if you look a bit like a Ninja Turtle, at least you’ll look right for when the pizza dude appears at the front door.

Get a pair here.

the-north-face-mens-thermoball-traction-mule-ii-lime-green3-800x800 the-north-face-mens-thermoball-traction-mule-ii-lime-green1-800x800 the-north-face-mens-thermoball-traction-mule-ii-phantom-grey-heather-printrudy-red2-800x800 the-north-face-mens-thermoball-traction-mule-ii-phantom-grey-heather-printrudy-red3-800x800 the-north-face-mens-thermoball-traction-mule-ii-phantom-grey-heather-printrudy-red1-800x800

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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