The North Face releases Enchanted Trails Collection

Now here’s something that’s very much up our street.

The rise of running has certainly been notable, especially since lockdown when all we could do was run. Like the outdoors in general, those who got into the habit seem to have stuck with it and brands have been quick to acknowledge that. That’s where The North Face comes in, with its new release, entitled Enchanted Trails. This isn’t just a brand hopping on a trend though. This range is created to improve every element of your running experience, whether out on your own or running in a community.

Enchanted Trails takes inspiration from the time-worn place that is the high desert and its fastest running resident: the roadrunner. The roadrunner bird’s aerodynamic body means their slender legs propel them along the ground at high speeds faster than a human. Not only does the collection provide technically advanced gear for speed and endurance on any trail, its desert and tropical inspired colourways and printed silhouette make it a training essential for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd. Head to toe technical kit, the collection emulates the beauty of running on the trails in its magic hour. Even if you’re going to trudge the streets of a suburban town, you can in your head at least, transport yourself to somewhere way more exotic.

The collection brings to life the heritage of The North Face as a brand too. For the uninitiated, TNF started its own journey back in 1966 San Francisco. Founded with a rebellious, counter-cultural spirit, the collection continues the ethos of making the outdoors accessible to people of all backgrounds and capabilities.

Pieces include The North Face’s running essentials which have been revamped in tropical colourways, giving you a fresh look on your next exploration. These include Limitless Run Shorts, Run Wind Jacket, a run belt and a bucket hat. 

Available now from The North Face

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