The North Face Seeks Solace in Natural Surroundings via NSE D2

Inspired by the beauty where city and nature meet, The North Face introduces its second NSE drop of the season. Made for those, like collaborator Kam-BU, who seek solace in natural surroundings, very stitch and seam is engineered to be in step with the tranquillity of our cities’ quieter corners.

Brands are keen to be seated at the apex of outdoors and urban life, with touchstones of authentic culture to validate their work. It can sometimes appear contrived and forced, but in The North Face exists a brand that has always effortlessly walked the tightrope between fashion and function, so there are no such worries there.

In collaboration with Kam-BU, The North Face takes the concept of exploration from the rural and outdoor setting and applies it to a more city-centric arena. NSE is a true labour of love, dedicated to bringing out everyone’s inner explorer.

The collection is available to purchase from 11th May at  and in select The North Face stores.

Mark Smith

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