The Original Store, win a Patagonia Torrent shell jacket!

Our mates at The Original Store stock some of our favourite labels including Stussy, Dickies, Reigning Champ, Champion, Red Wing, Buzz Rickson and Patagonia. Speaking of which they’re giving away a brilliant Patagonia Torrent Shell Jacket to one lucky person.

2.5-layer nylon ripstop shell with a waterproof/breathable H2No® barrier and Deluge® DWR (durable water repellent) finish for wet weather protection
2-way-adjustable hood rolls down and stows; has laminated visor
Microfleece-lined neck and chin for comfort
Center zipper has exterior and interior storm flaps to keep water out
Pit zips with storm flaps and Deluge® DWR treated zippers for wet-weather protection
Self-fabric hook-and-loop cuff closures
Handwarmer pockets; drawcord hem; packs into zippered self-storage pocket
2.5-layer, 2.6-oz 50-denier 100% nylon ripstop with a waterproof/breathable H2No® barrier and a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellent) finish


To be in with a chance of winning this fine piece of outerwear, you’ll have to do two very easy things:

First, go over to the Original Store on Facebook and like them, here:

Secondly, post a comment below and tell us, if you had your own store just what you’d do to make it a totally original. Maybe you’d have cheerleaders serving vimto on rollerblades or only sell items that begin with the letter ‘F’, it’s entirely up to you. Don’t forget to put what size jacket you want either.

So get liking and commenting and you could have a proper nice jacket to wear!

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  1. Hey Up,

    It’s all about hot young models walking around wearing only Patgonia jackets and giving shots of vodka to customers.

    at 5pm the polo dance should kick off.

    size M, please


  2. Actually. I would have a separate entrance for hipsters which would just lead to the back ginnel. You would have to attract them to it with something, a “by invitation only” sign should do it. But this would please the real people – and probably the hipsters too, as they will just think they’ve been part of something special and urban.
    Happy happy all round.
    M in Patag please.

  3. Not let any small minded people in. They got dodgy taste so nice clobber’s wasted on them.

  4. Uncle Peter from The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer would work in the shop and give his opinion on all purchases.
    Without his word of approval you would not be allowed to purchase anything.


  5. Not let any Utd fans in, they got dodgy taste so nice clobbers wasted on em

  6. I’d install a bar, a jacuzzi and a few poles for beautiful girlies to do their stuff and entertain us on. That way, even if I didn’t sell any clobber, at least I wouldn’t be stressed out and could charge an entrance fee…

    Size FM please (F****in Massive)

  7. j fellowes

    not let any city fans in, they got dodgy taste so nice clobbers wasted on em

  8. To be an Original Store i’d have to go with entering and exiting the store via air lock and inside being totally filled with oxygen and gin and tonic spray mist – and of course no smoking please

    xl please

  9. Liam Margison

    I would keep everything limited edition, so that everything would be totally original and you wouldn’t see many people with the same stuff. Also with me being northern and the shop being northern, it would have a northern theme to it, for example, stocking 80’s casual clothing with the ‘life in a northern town’ & ‘its grim up north’ tee’s etc..

    if lucky medium please

  10. Size xxl Please !
    Keep things as they are its all cool and the gang ! But Just have assistants that say “Hi , If you need any help just shout up!” Its all thats needed. Classic clothes from Classic ranges.

  11. Elliott Galloway

    I’d have a perfectly normal boutique store with the addition of a time-machine video phone in the corner. Want to ask A A Gill for advice on what to wear to the office? Fancy having a tete a tete with Massimo Osti about technical outerwear? Maybe even chew the fat with Nigel Cabourn and Henri Lacoste about this season’s must have? Well at my place you can do it.

    We’d also serve slush puppies and have a spin the wheel game you could play with every purchase, giving you a chance to win your money back, a free gift and so on.

    And for the women? A Narnia themed outerwear section entered through a fur coat laden wardrobe door. They’d love that and thus leave us alone to get on with the serious sartorial business in hand.

    Should I be the fortunate one, I’d like a small please.

  12. Nige Henderby

    I would price all the clothes in round figures, no more of this £56.99 messing about.

    A world without loose change, that would stop that question…”got any spare change Gov”

    Size M please.

  13. Quinton Jones

    I would own a clothing store. The store would be broken up into different sectors (i.e. the Alps, the Beach, Swamps, Sahara). Each sector would feature decorations that fit those geographical area. The Alps would feature fake snow and would be colder in temperature. The beach would have water and sand. Sahara would have sand and it would be hotter than the average section of the store. Then, each sector of the store would feature interactive testing. Thus, in the Alps you could try on a brand’s jacket and step into a testing room where you would feel blowing, cold winds and possibly snow. The idea would be to see how the jacket holds up. In the swamps, you could step into a room and be hit with rain to see how well a certain jacket protects you. Store would be highly interactive and creatively decorated. We would sell a wide range of clothing lines that can fit into each sector as well as sell clothing brands local to those regions. The store would be called something like “The Traveler’s Store” or “All Elements”. Haven’t thought that one out all the way.

    A small please!

  14. Matt McCann

    I wouldn’t have a shop at all, just sell everything on racks outside, keep it seasonal so sell clothes in the moutains in winter, on the beach in summer, maybe in cities in spring/autumn (hmmm, not sure bout that)
    Oh, and a large jacket please if I’m a lucky un…..

  15. I would have a climbing wall, with fabulous chocolate and coffee served at the top of the wall. Out the back kith shop would be the greatest trail runs with beautiful soft footing, streams, waterfalls, and bridges. You cow.d do various loops of 3 5 and 10 mile combinations.
    Size small. 🙂

  16. Wall to wall proven gear like Patagonia. You buy a waterproof jacket…how about a ticket to the rain forest…money is no object. Just satisfied customers, but if you come back crying you were cold, then you forfeit your gear…your not worthy.

    Livin’ large

  17. I would go for a Lumberjack theme.

    There would be a log cabin approach with a massive fireplace and a moose’s head above it, the t-shirt’s would be hung up by an axe through them to keep them up.

    We would also a cafe area that serves all types of coffee’s and also serves beer straight from a pump, where you could pay a certain price for free fills upon purchase of clothing.

    Small If i Have any luck!

  18. Chris Wake

    I’d have the theme tune off’ov Mr Rossi playing in a continuous loop.

    Also there’d be girls dressed like her off’ov Allo Allo working there n’ that.

    And we’d sell Fox Umberellas.

    Medium my lad…Medium.

  19. Changing rooms with extreme weather conditions to allow for “proper” testing of any gear. Like snow drifts. Monsoons. You get the idea.

    Large please.

  20. My store would have a Kenny Rogers simulator. Once inside the Kenny Rogers simulator my customers could experience first hand what it is like to actually be Kenny Rogers hand picking scenarios from the great mans life. Just drop in to see what condition (his condition was in) when he glimpsed what delights lie beyond Dolly Parton’s bra, have a conversation about classic disco with Barry Gibb, maybe head out on an all night gambling frenzy with Willie Nelson, choose to experience one of his (five) weddings, or feel how it feels to have four hungry children and a crop in the field, it’s the experience of a lifetime!

    I guess mine’s a large.

  21. Daniel Lee

    …Also I’d have 60’s/70’s playboys on the wall . And have actually decent music playing in-store. Also I’d throw cow pat at people who didn’t purchase anything. Obviously.

  22. Tom Parry

    Size medium please.

    Some sort of dynamic pricing system, with the prices fluctuating throughout the day and displayed on a big display in the middle of the room. I’m picturing something a bit like the stock exchange in appearance but far less stressful and dealing with much more interesting commodities.

    Although saying that, it would be a nightmare to actually run the place.

  23. Chris Coppen

    Just noticed Stuart Hamblett had the same idea, gutted.

  24. Chris Coppen

    I’d bring the outside inside have a grassed floor, maybe a mountain or two on the wall… a few trees (fake of course, but proper real looking)…. perhaps a pond as well… with fish.

    Size small please.

  25. Rhys Thorne

    Oh and size medium if I’m the lucky one please gents.

  26. Rhys Thorne

    I’d have a ‘Madchester’ styled store with Bez working on the till serving people whilst bouncing about doing his thing. I’d have a small ‘acoustic lounge’ in one corner and have all cool bands coming in to play live sets on the weekends.

  27. Jack Vamplew

    Id have a shop which mixed my 3 favourite things a clothing shop with a bar, with a balcony over Pittodrie Stadium 😛

    Size Medium Please! 🙂

  28. Michel Dries

    In my store would be a BIG stage with live music all the time! And every 1000th Costumer would get gift card worth to 100 pounds!

    Size L please

  29. I’d arrange all the gear out in chronological order, beginning in 1977 with replica football kits, and working through the entire Adidas trainer evolution from Kick to Palermo, in a spiral round and round until you came to a plinth in the middle of the vast store, upon which were 4 TV sets facing in the 4 cardinal directions like the Great Pyramid, and this would be playing on it, loud, and piped into the store from 16 strategically placed speakers:

  30. I’d have friendly and helpful staff, seems to be quite rare these days.
    I’d also have a changing room like the one in Mr Ben, and some nice ale on tap.

    Come to think of it Mr Ben was on acid wasn’t he? It was bugger all to do with the changing room. I’ll just spike everyone who tries any clothes on then.

    Size XL please.

  31. Paul Edwards

    To make my store original nothing would have a price tag to buy something you would either have to barter or haggle!! XL please

  32. Jessie Staton

    In my store I’d have a snow room with an ice bar, and free hot chocolate , and husky dogs and id provide the customers with jackets to keep them warm (and they could see how fab they look and want to buy them), and there could be a snow ramp for snowdecks which would be awesome 🙂

  33. Each season, It’d only display clothes that are the same colour, like only green, and another time only orange, and another time just blue; is that perfectly clear?
    Small for me please.

  34. Sebastian

    I would have all the classic from all my favourite labels( Fjall, Barbour, Tacchini, Ralph Lauren, New Balance,Adidas, C.P.) that I would always keep in stock. And then I would have a new arrivals-corner with newer brands(Supreme, Stussy, Our Legacy) that I exchanged every moth or so. To all this I would add a espressobar+always keepin a dj in the store and he/she would play dubstep and punkrock.

    XL, please

  35. Antony McShane

    I d have helpful non-patronising staff, and a free bar for loyal customers and their partners. size to fit a 42 inch chest please

  36. it would look like tescos, only posher (or more posh, whichever is grammatically correct)

    size small (if they size up the same as the rain shadow?)

  37. in my shop, peolpe have to tailor themself their suit! this is original, of course…

    Size: M

  38. Size large please,
    I would convert a old pub in to a shop and serve folk from behind the barand hand a free pint for customers

  39. I’d have a boxing ring in the shop with some models having a good old tear up dressed only in there patagonia jacket unzipped of course!

  40. Hello Gents,

    I would have the outdoors indoors, the floor would be covered in grass, and all of the clothes would hang on tree’s that had grew in the shop, the sales assistants would be female naturist’s with a passion for the outdoors and designer clothing (I sensed the irony in that too, doesn’t work doe’s it!!!!), and squirrel’s would just laze about, chewing on nut’s and that…….And Paul Heaton would stand in the corner strumming tunes on request……”Heaton, Do Happy Hour again……NOW!”.

    Kind Regards,

    Stuart Hamblett

    P.s If I am lucky enough to win this awesome jacket I would need a Large, Cheers.

  41. jack springthorpe

    let customers choose the music instore

  42. Daniel Lee

    Oops.. and size Medium.

    ‘I’d hire mature women in stockings to walk about and serve the customers.’

  43. Jordan Walker

    I’m not sure why, but i’d have the shop a little bit ‘mental’ so too speak, hypnotic/illusion wallpaper, a lot of little illusions, clothing hanging up side down, etc..

  44. I’d hire mature women in stockings to walk about and serve the customers.

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