THE RIDE: New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders

The Ride1Much as I like an old school BMX or a vintage Mercedes, I think we all know the true vehicle of choice for really cool people is the motor-bike don’t we? From Brando to ¬†Gosling, piston power has been the consistent provider of rebellious, wind-in-your-hair, don’t give a fuck chic. To perfectly illustrate this point Getsalten have put together ‘The Ride’ which features a fantastic selection from the new breed of customised bikes and the non-midlife crisis inspired folk at the heart of this road-hugging renaissance who have created these silver dream machines. A book chock full of the kind of customised Cafe Racers, Bobber, Choppers, Street Scramblers, Trackers and dragsters that would all look right at home in a modern art gallery. This chunky coffee table sized book also sheds some light on the transformation from drab and knackered bikes into jaw droppingly sleek beauties as well as features on the various workshops where this two-wheeled wizardry takes place. If you weren’t remotely bothered about bikes before reading this book, I guarantee you will be genuinely weighing up how you can get your hands on one by the end of it, because as the saying goes ‘Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the body and soul’. So get your leathers on, pull back the throttle and get The Ride. Buy it HERE

The Ride2The Ride 3


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