The Rig Out and Mother present Paszport!

It’s that time again.

Time for the red tops to build them up, then knock them down. Time for every rent-a-gob and face paint warrior to get all manly in the name of our national team. Grr. Euro 2012 is upon us and to celebrate, our pals at The Rig Out have played a lovely one-two with celebrated creative agency Mother to produce a special fanzine – Paszport!

This is no corporate cash in. Far from it. Mother have a reputation for doing things the right way and this is no exception.  Dylan Williams, a partner at Mother said…

“It’s a great Mother tradition to commemorate the big football tournaments. We’ve made toys, sticker albums, and a documentary. It all started with an air fix model ‘soccer thug’ back in the Nineties. I’d always wanted to do something to counterbalance that bovver boot skinhead stereotype. A one-off fanzine in the spirit of classics like The End and Boys Own seemed the perfect way to do it.”

“With the help of lots of really sound people I think we’ve made something pretty decent. We certainly have even more respect for the people behind those publications for having had a crack at one of our own.”

With contributions from Casuals author Phil Thornton, sports journalist Jonathan Wilson, Perry Boys author Ian Hough, poet Mike Duff, not to mention contributions from various fanzine fellas from far and wide, from the top level to non-league (including some of the Proper cartel). The highlight is perhaps a topical photo shoot styled by Glenn Kitson and snapped by Neil Bedford, fans of Bolton and Bradford respectively.

While the tone and content is a contemporary take on the traditional fanzine flavour, this is 2012 and Paszport! is a special edition. As such, it’s suitably posh. You’ll not be rolling it up and putting it in your back pocket, only to lose it/spill kebab meat on it, put it that way.

It’ll be popping up in the usual places in the coming days, namely Oi Polloi, Present and . Plus more.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


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