The Rig Out Issue 6 + New Website

What’s this? Us promoting a rival publication? Surely not?

Well if you believe some people we all urinate in the same pot anyway. Certainly there’s a bit of truth in that, even if we all do our own thing very much separately. We’ve been mates with Glenn and co for several years now and I’ve had a hand in the last 3 issues of The Rig Out. Well, I’ve written some stuff and that.

They know the score do the Rig Out lot. In a world where fashion seems increasingly pretentious, they don’t try to be something they’re not. They may each be individually impressive but the success of their careers does nothing to change their down to earth northern sensibilities.

Enough of the flattery though, look at these pictures! Look at them!

Then once you’ve done that, check out their website and buy their new issue.

The Rig Out issue 6 sees them once again teaming up with the great and good of the menswear world. Angelo Urrutia returns to style up another shoot, this time with celebrated Brooklyn-based artist, Noah Kalina. Kenneth Mackenzie of 6876 fame is also on styling duties, whilst Mordechai Rubinstein (aka Mister Mort) models for for them. Shot mostly in the Big Apple with most of the content having an NYC theme, they dedicate this issue and all profits made to the Sandy Appeal.

Contributors for this issue include: Noah Kalina, Ewen Spencer, Kenneth
Mackenzie, Angelo Urrutia, Andrew Bunney, Lena Dystant.


Mark Smith

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  1. No way, It’s the greatest thing I have ever seen.

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