The Rig Out Issue 8

Spiewak, Our Legacy, Baracuta, Reebok, Altamont.

All bases covered there, eh? And without wanting to appear too fashion, they’re all totally relevant as of November 2014, aren’t they?

I’ve not seen a copy in person (I was going to say ‘in the flesh’ then, but I feel like I’ve said it loads lately, so elected to go with ‘in person’ instead) but I’ve got most/all of the previous issues on a shelf behind my left shoulder, and judging by the various shapes and sizes The Rig Out have done before, I’m fully expecting Issue 8 to be a scratch and sniff pop up book, with free felt animals.

If it’s not, then I want to know why.

With contributions from various inhabitants of the blogosphere it looks like another visually sharp effort, with hats and haircuts particularly strong. There’s words in it too, but as I say, I’ve not seen it yet. I didn’t write anything for this one either. Maybe I need to sharpen up my hat and haircut game?

While I’m contemplating that, you should go and get a copy of The Rig Out Issue 8. It’s apparently available from “loads of ace shops”.



Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. Michael Richardson

    Some heavy photos there. Love the mad Rig Out. Is it massive or tiny? Can someone send me one? Glenn takes months.

    No one ever comments these days do they. They should.

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