The Rig Out – Something about Mordechai

I’m one of those relics who still buys things printed on paper. Aside from boycotting this month’s GQ due to Bumbling Boris the Barmcake being on the cover, I buy all the grown up men’s magazines and even Loaded. But the ones I really rate aren’t WH Smiths fodder. The type of thing you have to already know about. It wouldn’t be right if you could buy The Rig Out at the same time as your Fairy Liquid would it? Though it would be pretty convenient. Anyway, I digress.

The latest issue features some ace Dickies editorial and New York street style photobloke Mordechai Rubinstein, plus  Nnenna Stella (model) shot around Brooklyn and Long Beach, NY by Antony Crook and styled by Glenn Kitson.

All profits of issue 6 go towards the Hurricane Sandy appeal etc
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