The Ten Sock Commandments

Number 1 – Biggie Smalls is the illest.

Number 2 – Stance socks latest Anthem collection is an homage to the Juicy video.

Number 3 – They’re the ideal size, if you’re a 6 or a 13, know what I mean?

Number 4 – A mesh effect fabric detail has been used to recreate Biggie’s iconic Basketball jersey.

Number 5 -Don’t get high on your own supply of socks, as frankly it’s impossible.

Number 6 – As well as being juicy they’re very comfy thanks to their seamless toe closure..

Number 7 – They also have a built in arch support.

Number 8 – Heel and toe cushioning are provided by the terry loop in the forefoot.

Number 9 – Only a sucker would try and wear a pair of Timbos without putting a pair of these on first.

Number 10 – If you thought this was all a dream, it isn’t.


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