Think Pink – Seven Statement Making Spring/Summer Smothers

The world is throwing numerous tests at us at the moment, yet we’re all still here, pottering away and taking things like emergency alerts and ongoing wars in our stride. Whether we’re just an adaptable species that can handle stress, or we’re all repressing our fears by indulging in anything that takes our mind off it, doesn’t matter really. That said, if you’re feeling it a bit, a bit of retail therapy might help, at least for now. And if you’re buying something to attract attention, a pink jacket can’t really be beaten.

Pink is of course traditionally a feminine colour, evidenced even now by these gender-reveal parties people have started having. But there are practical reasons to plump for pink, too. Alexander Schauss did extensive research into the effects of the color on emotions at the Naval Correctional Facility in Seattle, and named a particular shade of pink after the institute directors, Baker and Miller. His research showed various pieces of evidence that suggested pink helped lower heart rate and generally reduce stress.

So what are you waiting for?

Belstaff Slipway Quarter Zip – Fuschia
There’s soft pink and there’s hard pink. This is the latter. In fact it’s less pink, more fuschia, which if it wasn’t Monday morning we’d probably make some sort of Back to the Fuschia joke.
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Unfeigned Technical Hooded Jacket
Something a little more muted when compared to the first item in this list, this overhead jacket is – as its name suggests – technical and hooded. It’s also Made in Portugal, which is nice isn’t it?
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Stone Island Garment Dyed Crinkle Reps NY Jacket – Pink
No list of pink outerwear would be complete without an entry from Rivetti’s Stone Island. This reassuringly expensive piece will turn heads.
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C.P.-Company Shell Goggle Jacket Pale
The older and perhaps more distinguished brother of the aforementioned Stone Island, C.P. Company conversely appeals to a younger crowd, perhaps those who are more likely to don a feminine hue. Throw in the goggles synonymous with C.P. Company and you’re set.
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Berghaus Single Point Wind Smock
Berghaus have been embracing brightly-coloured outerwear for decades, so they’re not gonna stop any time soon. This unisex Single Point Wind Smock is very appropriate for summer.
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Pop Trading Company – Pop Big Pocket Jacket Raspberry
It claims to be raspberry, but it’s not really is it? Let’s pretend it’s not, even if it is. This serious statement making comes from Dutch skate brand Pop Trading.
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Patagonia Isthmus Jacket
Ah, the Patagonia Isthmus Jacket, the one that gives us the excuse to make a joke out of how Isthmus sounds like someone trying to say Christmas while chewing a piece of fruit. No, you didn’t laugh last time either. It’s ok. This jacket has many appealing features, not least its affordable price tag of £139.
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