Timberland’s Transeasonal Toughness at Terraces

This time of year is always a challenge in terms of what to write on this here website. Most of the retailers we habitually browse are busy readying themselves for new deliveries, clearing the decks of past-season gear and focusing more on price than promoting appealing new garms.

There are some brands, though, that sit comfortably in the near-background, doing their thing with an unfussy reliability that somehow sets them above the trials and tribulations of trends. Timberland is very much in that camp.

As luck would have it, Terraces have some of these timeless treads that are reduced in their sale, but don’t let that fool you. These are largely models that never really go out of style.

Tales of 1980s paninari have been done to death in recent years, not without good reason, so I won’t labour on the iconic status the 3 eye moc enjoyed in that scene. To do so nails it to a particular scene more than is warranted though. This is a shoe for all seasons and has been for many years.

Beyond this rugged icon, you’ll find additional models with more purpose in mind, from summery boat shoes to robust Euro Hikers. And we’ve not even touched on the wide appreciation for the brand in the Hip Hop community. We’ll save that for another day.

For now it’s the 3 eye moc we’re set on celebrating. Whether worn with wet wintry weather in mind, or sported specifically in summer, it’s a year-round essential that belongs in the footwear rotation of any right-minded modern male.

Check all Timberland out at Terraces.

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