Timex and Cabourn release timeless timepiece

Having recently availed myself to that mad SAS series on BBC, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for the clothing worn around that time.

The SAS were famously founded during the second World War as a rogue group to whom normal rules didn’t apply. As a result, uniform and equipment was begged, stolen and borrowed from various sources and beards were grown. It’s a strong look.

When this new collaboration between Nigel Cabourn and Timex was passed under my digital nose it struck me as something David Stirling and the boys would have sported back in their desert days.

Nigel Cabourn of course knows his military wear and the inspiration behind much of his output is the British Armed Forces.

This Desert Watch draws inspiration from the World War II era whilst continuing to provide the design and functionality to withstand any day to day modern situation.

The timepiece features a white military-style dial with army green markings and a broad arrow design synonymous with the Cabourn military branding. The neutral strap is made from VentileĀ® cotton which is a natural barrier against destruction during inclement weather. Packaged in an iconic military-style carrying case, this timepiece is deserving of the past but stylised for today.

It’s the ideal gift for anyone who would appreciate a timeless timepiece and you can get it from

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