Tina Modotti / Revolutionary Photographer


If you’re trying to impress that really cool, arty woman in your life, then you may want to have this book tucked down the side of your sofa the next time she pops round for a paella. So when you do start talking about Frida Kahlo et al. (and you will) you can casually drop this sleek new book into her lap whilst casually commenting; “oh sure I love Frida’s work but for me no one quite captured the post revolutionary cultural and political fervour of Mexico like Modotti did..” then wait for the magic to happen (and it will). That said, if you aren’t a single and predatory male but do appreciate fantastic, documentary style b&w photos then you too will benefit greatly from this wonderful tome. Buy it HERE.

tina modotti flag copy

tina modotti and frida Kahlo

diego rivera

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