Top Ten Back Print T-Shirts for Summer

There’s a sense of optimism in the air and it’s called Spring. With it comes a desire from us to write about things that aren’t always Big Coats. In the past, this sort of t-shirt has been beset by accusations of just being the latest trend, but it’s evident the big back print, small left chest logo blueprint is here to stay, and it’s not just a street/skate thing anymore.

Here, we’ve chosen ten examples you might like to consider as you hastily dispense of your annual salary in the way you vow not to do every month, but always actually do.

Kavu True Outdoor T Shirt Snow White
Klear Above Visibility Unlimited. That’s what Kavu stands for. It means, in short, the perfect day for outdoor pursuits, which is something we can all get behind, right?
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Pherrow’s 20S-PT9 Japan 2020 T-shirt White
I have still never been to Japan. If you’re reading this and you’d like me to go to Japan to say and do nice things for your brand, you know where I am. Realistically though, I might have to settle for this smart t-shirt. And you know what? That’d be just fine.
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Stussy Basic Pigment Dyed T-Shirt – Tomato
A notoriously tough colour to sell, red is a polarising colour on t-shirts, and yet, this isn’t really red. It’s tomato. And whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable, it’s definitely something most people can get onboard with.
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Good Morning Tapes Sun Logo SS Tee – Chocolate
Another brand that is describing a colour as a food is Good Morning Tapes, whose rich chocolate pudding of a t-shirt is shown above with the optimistic greeting that also features in their name.
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Stan Ray Hardly Working T Shirt Agave
This looks like something from a package holiday brochure of the early 1980s. Club Tropicana vibes. Booked a holiday yet? You’ll have to if you buy this.
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Stone Island ‘Institutional One’ Print T-Shirt – Black
Grr, tough guy clothing, Stone Island is here with a harsh black and white print t-shirt. But wait, it’s not really just about powerfully-built terrace chaps anymore is it? It’s way more than that. It’s nice to see.
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Gramicci Summit Tee
A perennial fave here in our corner of Manchester, our appreciation is shared by the wider world as we’re defo seeing more Gramicci out there these days.
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Stan Ray Stan T-Shirt
A second entry in this week’s chart for Stan Ray, with their eponymous tee ‘Stan’. Sorry, went a bit Mark Goodier there didn’t I? Maybe it’s the fact this tee looks like something you’d see on Top of the Pops circa 1987.
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Stussy Tiki Tee – White
No front and back print round up would be complete without an inclusion from Shawn Stussy’s imprint, which is why this splendid effort appears here for a second time.
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Carhartt WIP Pest Control T-Shirt – Black
Despite being a reliable workwear brand, Carhartt WIP manages to offer best in class t-shirts season in, season out. In particular, the front chest/big on back formula is one they seem adept at excelling in.
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