Top Tote Bags for Summer Staycations

So enamoured we were with our little scout about the web for tote bags recently, we thought we’d repeat the exercise, shedding some light on more bags in which to carry onions, books and all your other shit.

Kavu Alder Lake Tote Bag
This is a striking example of a tote bag that reminds us of the Swedish flag. Ideal for the beach, we reckon.
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Madden Equipment Funny Tote Bag
A seriously sturdy ripstop number, this one from Madden Equipment comes in several colours.
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Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Tote Pack
This is an ideal companion on your holiday as hand luggage, that doubles as something for your beachy goods.
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Cotopaxi Del Dia 10L bag
Hailing from the Del Día range of randomised ripstop nylons which utilises remnant fabric leftover by large outdoor brands production. 
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Montbell Pocketable Tote
This super spacious specimen is the sort of thing Montbell seem to excel in. Practical, pocketable and made from seriously strong ripstop nylon.
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CAYL Seorak 3 B-Grid Small Sacoche
Lightweight yet durable, this smaller solution to your everyday carry conundrums is from Korea’s CAYL, a brand we first wrote about ages ago, before it became available in the UK. It’s nice to see it online now at some of our fave shops.
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