Top Twenty Trainers – Black Friday Bargains

adidas Mexicana at Oi Polloi
Once the definition of hen’s teeth, this new iteration remains a classic, coming in a sort of orangey mustardy yellow colour. The stench of “I wanted these but they’ve sold out now” in a couple of weeks might haunt you.
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adidas G.S Court at Aphrodite
Any adidas shoe with pegs in the heel still possesses a novelty value that is unrivalled. These will impress all comers at the local badminton class.
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Hoka One One at Size?
The footwear brand of the moment, these are inexplicably reduced in the SIze? sale. You won’t know how good these are until you get them on your trotters.
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Merrell Moab Speed GORE-TEX at Size?
Three key outdoor colours combine for a very nice and indeed affordable footwear option for your festive stroll and beyond.
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Nike Free Terra Vista at Oi Polloi
These look like something John Connor would wear to a rave and for that reason, and also the fact they’re discounted, you should countenance purchasing a pair.
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Novesta Marathon at Yards Store
After something understated with reassuring grip? Look no further than these Novesta efforts.
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Veja Campo Chrome at Aphrodite
The rise to prominence of Veja is understandable to most. They’re footwear for the future that cares for the environment.
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New Balance 2002R at Aphrodite
The deep blue hue on these NB’s combines with comfort to ensure these are more inky than stinky.
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Mizuno Sky Medal at Yards
Get on that, a cork logo! You could pin important notices on it, in miniature.
Get them at Yards, here, look

adidas Race Walk at Oi Polloi
Another of the seemingly infinite releases to come from the academy of adidas circa 1970s. These would cut a dash as you confidently stride off for some much-needed winter sun.
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Danner Trail 2650 at Urban Industry
More robust than most trainers, these Danner Trail kick off good vibes and will keep you safe and surefooted on your winter walks.
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Salomon x And Wander XT6 at Yards
These are basically trainers of the future, even if it’s just the near future. The lacing, the shape, everything confidently mutters the word ‘tomorrow’.
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Vans Old Skool at Oi Polloi
Few brands can claim to be the originators of such an iconic and copied shoe. Vans can.
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adidas Superturf Adventure at Aphrodite
These eyecatchers will protect you as you pretend to be a progressive outdoorsman while observing your snotty toddler at the soft play centre.
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Novesta Star Master at Oi Polloi
Like corduroy Christmas puddings, but for your feet.
Here they are

Saucony Shadow 5000 Patchwork at Xile
Remember the fella we mentioned above who was at the play centre? He’s eyeing a pair of these on a bearded fella and commenting to himself how confident said hirsute male must be with his sexuality.
Get them at Xile, here

adidas Originals State Series ‘Ohio’ at Oi Polloi
The sole is what makes this. Look at it. It’s got that weird low profile and shape that you want from a faithful reproduction of a vintage classic.
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adidas Adventure Superturf at Aphrodite
No apologies for a second inclusion of this model in our list. These are actually discounted a little heavier and arguably even nicer than the other pair we’ve mentioned.
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Karhu Fusion 2.0 at Pockets
The rise of Karhu has been gratifying to see. The brand that sold three stripes to adidas has enough heritage of its own in sport to warrant shoes like these. The little dash of orange and a touch of what appears to be corduroy makes these special.
Get them at Pockets now

Novesta x Fresh Star Master, at Fresh Store
A rare take on the iconic Star Master model from Slovakian brand Novesta, these are reduced in the sale at Fresh, but you’ll need to be quick.
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